How to get Better: Watch The Pro’s


pro golfer lady

So you’ve been playing golf for a while and you seem to have reached a plateau. This is very common, and this happens to us all, no matter what it is that we’re trying to accomplish. There are several ways to exceed and develop past these plateau’s. We could either just hard headed try to develop completely on our own on the golf range. Hour after Hour, Hit after Hit. Or, we could get some help

Hire a Pro

So, what i suggest that you should do when you hit a learning curve plateau is to hire a pro. Get a 1 hour private course to get some input on what to improve. However, there are two different ways you could do this. Option 1, you pay the pro on your nearest golf course. Option 2, you get an one hour course from a Top Tour Player for free.

For free?! you may ask, yes that’s right. Completely free, and how’s this possible? Well, if you haven’t been living under a rock for the past several years. Then you’ve most likely heard of a website called YouTube, right?
Let me tell you this, youtube is a gold mine of information. You can learn a LOT by watching youtube videos from the pros. They give away a ton of useful information for free. More than enough to help you breaking that plateau effect of yours.

Here’s my tips

The best thing is just to go to youtube for yourself and start searching after the best youtube clip you can find. Here’s a video clip from Henrik Stenson that i really enjoy. It helped me a lot!